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Talented Hands by kelida Talented Hands by kelida
This is a picture of my stand partner's hands while he's playing his viola. Is the talent in his hands? his heart? any comments?
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swankmebaby Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2003
This is gorgeous.

I love the color of the body compared to the rest of the piece.
kelida Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003
thank you much for the comment!
bookdiva Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
It's a lovely photo, the delicateness of both hands and viola..and, the angle is well done, the focus too...a beautiful photo.
cypress-crow Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
that's really pretty ^_^ he has nice hands..beautiful pic!
xigua Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
this caught my attention..

i like the way parts of the viola and hands are lit up but the rest is just black..

sounds like you have a crush on your stand partner ;) (Wink)

anyway; great photography, i wanna see more ^_^
relly Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
cool.. i had to laugh, I asked my teenage daughter who plays the violin if the talent was in the hands or in the heart! and she said.. she knew many many people who had it in their heart, but just couldnt get it to the hands! then she said she also knew many kids who won contests and state awards and they don't have it in their heart, just their hands! I always like to look at the pictures with instruments! Thanks for the interesting discussion this pic brought! Clap
aishason Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
This is a great picture, the angle is really interesting. The lighting is off balance, but otherwise I really like it.
mizzjezzy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2002
I really like this.

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